About Us


InVision Imaging offers unparalleled access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging services in Hawai‘i. 

We are committed to providing a superior level of service. Our offerings include the most advanced PET/CT scanning technology along with diagnostic CT, ultrasound, and X-ray services.

Bringing leading-edge technology and experienced professionals together for you.

Three of the leaders in Hawai‘i’s imaging sector – Honolulu Imaging Center, InSight Imaging and InVision Imaging – have joined together under the InVision Imaging name.

What does this mean for you? This merger brings you the convenience of accessing a comprehensive range of technology and many dedicated providers, all in one company. We are united not just in name, but in our shared commitment to providing quality care and an exceptional patient experience.

What will the InVision experience mean for you?

Patient Approval

The world’s most compact ultra-high field MRI scanner is also one of the most patient-friendly, offering faster exams, reduced need for contrast agents and a spacious design that puts even claustrophobic patients at ease.

Exceptional Patient Experience

Our spa-like facilities are complemented with an experienced patient-focused team, who are dedicated to providing the best care available.

Advanced Technology

InVision’s 3.0 Tesla scanner is the most advanced MRI instrument available and will deliver cutting-edge whole body imaging techniques previously unavailable in Hawai‘i.

Reduced Scan Times

Our imaging technology dramatically reduces procedure times, some as short as 15 minutes.